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      Tel: +86-415-4165033

      Fax: +86-415-4168066

      Website: m.zdiy.net

      Email: rays-ndt@ddyg.com

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      Model   YG-100А2 (100A1)
      Directional high frequency X-ray flaw detector
      Model YG-192
      (Straight channel γ-ray flaw detector)
      Model YG-75
      (Straight channel γ-ray flaw detector)
      γ-ray flaw detector
      Model YG-60
      (Straight channel γ-ray flaw detector)
      YG-60 series straight channel gamma ray flaw detector is a safe, reliable and stable performance flaw detection equipment. Our company has introduced German technology and has continuously improved it over the years. The main body of the product is made of high-quality stainless steel and depleted uranium-based material to shield the radioactive source. The interior of the shielding body is designed with an eccentric structure to block radiation from the circumferential direction of the channel. The front and rear quick connectors are connected to the host machine, and the whole machine adopts a self-locking front and rear linkage design.
      This can effectively block the radioactive source and prevent the radiation source holder from falling off due to improper use. The equipment has China's "B(U)" cargo packaging certification and is a Class P work and transport container. The surface dose rate complies with the national standard GB/T 14058-2023 "γ-X-ray Flaw Detector". Imported original conduits and drive cable tubes are of high quality, excellent performance, safe and reliable.
      Model YG-60S
      (S channel γ-ray flaw detector)

      High frequency X-ray flaw detector

      The portable high-frequency X-ray flaw detector is a device independently developed by our company. It is small in size and beautiful in appearance. It is suitable for industrial flaw detection and DR digital image detection. Can work continuously for long periods of time without taking a break. It adopts a large color touch screen and has the characteristics of wide input voltage range, small waveform and stable operation. Can continuously store 16,000 exposure settings. Widely used in industrial non-destructive testing.
      Circumferential high frequency
      X-ray flaw detector
      X-ray tube external high-frequency
      X-ray flaw detector

      X-Ray Pipe Crawler

      YG-100 series X-ray pipeline crawler is a long-distance pipeline inspection equipment with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company. The equipment adopts high-quality stainless steel casing, optimized exposure control circuit design, boost and chopper circuits adopt IGBT power modules, with higher power supply efficiency, and Siemens PLC program control, making the performance more stable. The input data adopts touch screen human-machine dialogue mode, which is more convenient to use. Using magnetic signal positioning control, the positioning accuracy can reach ±3mm. Has excellent self-inspection guarantee protection function, constant power output (not affected by battery voltage fluctuations), and uniform image blackness. Four-wheel drive, stronger climbing ability. The body size is small and it is easy to turn.
      When powered by lithium batteries, the battery life is longer than lead-acid batteries. It has the function of adjusting the exposure time outside the tube, which facilitates the adjustment of the exposure time outside the tube when the thickness of the tube wall changes, greatly improving work efficiency. It is widely used for weld inspection of gas pipelines, oil pipelines and heating pipe networks.
      Model   YG-100B 
      Model   YG-100C
      Model   YG-100D
      Portable directional X-ray flaw detector
      Rod anode X-ray flaw detector
      Portable X-ray flaw detector
      The portable power frequency X-ray flaw detector is one of our company's earliest products. After years of upgrading, its performance has been greatly improved. The equipment is divided into two types: general-purpose and small. The control circuit of this model has been greatly improved, and the adaptability of the input voltage has become stronger. It can match the operation of any generator on site, and can also be powered by a DC battery, which perfectly solves the problem of power generation when there is no mains power on site and the terrain is restricted. Difficult situation of the machine. This equipment has the characteristics of low output ripple, constant power, and stable operation, and is widely used in the industrial non-destructive testing industry.

      Portable circumferential X-ray flaw detector
      Portable flaw detector controller
      X-ray generator

      Model  YG-100E
      Digital image detection system
      The rod anode high-frequency X-ray flaw detector is a tube-sheet weld detection equipment developed by our company, which completely replaces the Ir192 radioactive source. The output diameter of the beam tube can be customized according to user needs. The high-voltage generator has a beautiful appearance and adopts DC high-voltage gas insulation technology, which enables stronger ray penetration, less heat generation, low power consumption and energy loss, high operating efficiency, small size and light weight. The high-frequency controller is controlled by Panasonic PLC software. Beautiful appearance, light weight, complete performance and protection functions, 4.3-inch color touch screen, easy operation, stable and reliable performance. The controller is compatible with all models of the DDYG series of high-frequency X-ray flaw detectors. More than 16,000 exposure settings can be stored for query and recall.
      Rod anode high frequency X-ray flaw detector
      Portable digital image inspection system
      Main performance:

            1. 35℃, 200kV/3mA continuous operation;
            2. Wide input voltage range, suitable for different types of generators;
            3. Light weight, high penetrating power and stable performance;
            4. More suitable for use in harsh environments and humid environments;
            5. The control interface is intuitive and easy to operate.

      Basic Information:

           1. Manufacturer: Dandong Sunshine Instrument Co., Ltd.;
           2. Equipment name: X-ray digital image detection system V1.0;
           3. Specification model: YG-DR01;
           4. Image transmission method: wireless transmission;
           5. Applicable pipe diameter: φ510~φ1219 mm (available on request).

      Dedicated high-frequency X-ray
      inspection equipment
      DR Pipe Weld Inspection System

      Build a famous brand of NDT equipment in China and help your dream and success!

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